Photography and my Bulldog Cookie

So I got a new Canon T1i today. I love it. I really missed the SLR form factor since I got rid of my Minolta D7 and A1. They were good, but awfully noisy at night (and I wanted to do night/astrophotography). At that time my little Canon P&S produced pictures as good as the A1 (and I sold the D7 to get the A1) so I ditched the A1 on eBay. After 2 years I have come to realize just how the P&S for factor limits some types of picture taking. Sooo….. after 3+ years of looking into a real DSLR, I took the plunge. I was just doing some test shots around the house with Alex and Cookie wanted to butt in. I managed to get her looking completely ridiculous and like Cujo in the same sequence. Here is the combined shot for your viewing pleasure.